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Top 5 Most Popular Destinations in the Philippines for Expats

The hot climate,  stunning beaches, warm people and low cost of living are just a few good reasons why expats have been flocking in the Philippines and many of those who’ve already found a place to stay in the country anonymously agree that the best thing about residing in the Philippines is the Filipino people. If you would randomly ask around expats how their experience living in the country is, they would tell you that they are overall happy and contented with the life they live in the country. So where particularly in the Philippines should you consider spending your retirement? We’ve gathered the top 10 best locations that every expat should think about moving to so keep reading.

  1. Subic. This province is well-known for wreck dives and adventure parks being a former US overseas military installation. Its wrecks and nature trails aren’t the only attractions of Subic though. It has a suburban lifestyle complete with good schools, private hospitals, hotels, resorts, duty-free shopping and lively nightlife. Subic Bay is well-ordered and very clean with traffic rules strictly imposed and it has its own fire and police service too.Subic
  1. Cebu. A lot of expats have already fallen in love with this city’s distinctive combination of urban attractions which are close to provincial life. The city takes pride of its loads of good schools, plenty of private hospitals, a lot of entertainment options and its international airport. The province has long been the main business hub of Central Philippines.Cebu
  2. Metro Manila. Believe it or not, the country’s capital is one of the main magnets for expats and it’s actually no brainer as the metropolis is home to exciting lifestyle, world-class hospitals, entertainment options and a mature property market. The fact that property development in the country is concentrated in the capital gives expats loads of options.Metro Manila
  1. Davao. Nature, culture, business and fresh produce are just among those that you can look forward to in Davao, the largest city in Mindanao, Philippines. Despite being in restless Mindanao, Davao is actually known as one of the most peaceful cities in the country. This is where the famous Mount Apo, the highest peak in the country, can be found and just outside its doorstep are luxury beach resorts located in the Samal Island.Davao
  2. Baguio. Popularly known as the City of Pines, Baguio is the summer capital of the country. It has experienced quite a huge dose of commercialization in recent years but still retained its old charm. Traffic is worse during the flower festival (Panagbenga) but the air and weather are generally fresher which should be seriously considered by an expat who is looking for a great place to spend his retirement. It may be far from Manila but the city itself has the trappings of a highland resort—quaint bed and breakfast, charming cafes and fresh produce from its neighbor La Trinidad Valley which is well-known with expats and vacationers.Baguio

A lot of us have a deep, sneaking dream to just leave everything behind and live somewhere peaceful. If you’re going to make the scene change permanent, the Philippines is apparently the best place to do so to enjoy the quality of life that you have long been dreaming of.  For a warmer climate, breathtaking beaches, good people and quality of life that would make you want to stay for a long time, consider the top 5 best places in the Philippines mentioned above.