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Philippine Hearts Day Festival

February here it comes… This is a very romantic festival celebration expressing and pampering one’s beloved. The idea behind this tradition is to celebrate love, get love and give love to everyone around us. At first, Valentines Day is exclusively associated for couples only but in the long run the festival is seen in a larger perspective. A lot of customs and traditions are being observed around the world such as exchanging of cards, flowers and gifts.

Filipinos have always been known as romantic people. It is obviously seen during the special day of hearts when they wear red shirts (for those who search for their perfect match), giving red roses to their love ones, holding hands in malls, public plazas, on crowded movie houses, restaurants and for those who search for a more romantic scene, they choose to bring their dates to the beach.

Have you heard of the word ‘Lovapalooza’? This is the celebration of love on February 14! On the day of the hearts, last 2004, 5327 Filipino couples made a world record in kissing their Valentines at a time.

Also during this day, schools usually don’t have regular classes. This is the best time for students to announce their affection to their long time crushes or even to their teachers by giving roses, stuffed toys or chocolates.
The best thing among Filipino is the fact that whether or not there is economic crisis in the country or impending increase on basic commodities they always take time to hand out simple gift to the people they love and even to the person who hurt their feelings.

Filipinos are known to be a resourceful that whatever crisis they are facing they really find ways to celebrate especial occasions like this. Mostly in the rural Community, they practiced “Harana” or a guy serenading a girl he’s courting under the moonlight. (Same as one of the traditions in courtships among Filipino) and also writing a simple message or greetings to their love ones.