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Christmas in the Philippines 2011

It’s Christmas season again and here in the Philippines, it is the most anticipated and exciting Holiday. For our fellow Filipinos who worked abroad, and those who migrated to other countries, this is truly the perfect time for them to visit their native soil, the Philippines and spend holidays with their family and loved ones.

Here’s a fact, Filipinos celebrate the longest Christmas season in the whole world. As soon as it is “Ber” (as in SeptemBER”), the spirit of Christmas already filled in the air. Cheerful Christmas carols start to play on the radio and Christmas decorations start to become visible. Hence, young and old are both thrilled and excited when this season comes for they will be busy decorating their houses and offices with gleaming “parol” or lanterns, putting multicolored Christmas lights, getting ready for Christmas party, preparing and wrapping of gifts, cooking many recipes for relatives and friends to partake and join, taking a trip to other provinces to visit relatives, and of course enjoying the holidays with loved ones.

What’s more, this could really add extra excitement to the Filipinos to see and experience Christmas promos and sale of all goods in most malls, department stores, and supermarkets. Approximately all business sectors have their own means of endorsing and promoting their business during Christmas period. No wonder most Filipinos, again both young and old are expecting to this time of the year.

Here are my final words; Christmas became even more festive because of the happiness we feel in our hearts. To all people in the whole world, let us all go back and revive Who place this kind of joy in our hearts in the first place, it is our Lord, our families, and our friends. As soon as we have done this, then we can anticipate for many more Christmases recognizing that we have the most excellent reason to celebrate and party, not only for Christmas, but for every single day of the year!

Merry Christmas!