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Bellarocca – The Philippines’ Santorini

If you are one of those travelers who grasp for another unexplored destination, then try to take a glance on the Philippine islands. The Bellaroca Island Resort and Spa would be a great destination that set a balance between man and nature. You will experience its relentless beauty with its white Santorini-inspired architecture on rolling terrain. Its cerulean blue sky above, clear water below and exquisite view of Mt. Malindig will surely catch the eye of the beholder.

As you approach the island, the surrounding foliage provides the stucco (a material made of an aggregate, a binder and water) – white with a sense of serenity and calmness. In addition to that, flowers frame both the interior and exterior of this outstanding resort. This overwhelming setting goes hand in hand with world class accommodations and amenities to equal the world’s best.

Don’t you know that John Borthwick, of The West Australian, travelled all over the globe to chose the top 10 islands and Marinduque landed in the number two spot, following Sicily, Italy? Marinduque is where Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa located. You know what’s the most amazing part of this list? This island resort was patterned after Santorini, Greece buy then Santorini is on the no. 10 spot. That simply could mean that Bellarocca (which means “beautiful rock”) has already surpassed the original!


It is near the capital of the Philippines, Manila. The travel takes 35 minutes via Zest Air, which is unluckily the only airline that flies to Marinduque (4 times a week) with another 40 minutes land transfer from the airport to Bellarocca’s port then a 10 minutes speedboat ride to the island.

Events and Activities

The very peaceful and relaxing view of the island is a great escape from the busy and noisy streets in city. This is the best place for muni-muni or thinking things over knowing that it also has a spa. You can best relax in their Meditation Room where Yoga sessions are held usually during the peak season, when there are lot of guests. Hotels got large pools too. Another sporty activity would be to kayak around the island of Bellarocca.

The best time to visit Bellarocca is during the Moriones Festival (celebrated on holy week in the Marinduque), most especially on Good Friday. Here you’ll notice both the devotion of Filipino people to our dear Saviour (where the entire town makes people feel like they are in Jerusalem) and the cheerfulness of the people during festivals. Usually, the main celebration is in Boac, the capital of Marinduque. Here they would take lunch and then after Boac, they travel to Buenavista, about an hour away and lastly, stay in Bellarocca until Easter.

Here you can also reserve a private diner at the tea room for your group (maximum of 10 people). This tea room faces the sunset, so starting with a cocktail would be perfect. Then after the sun sets, you can have your tasty dinner.
You can also set to have romantic dinner for two pre-arrange at the terrace of the hotel over-looking the gorgeous view Sibuan Sea and Mt. Malindig. For bigger group you may choose to have your dinner on the second floor of the pavilion. Service is world class and knowing Filipinos, they would always welcome you with warm smiles.

Experience Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa and you’ll simply have the best moment ever! It may not be the original Santorini, but it’s the Philippines very own Santorini with a taste of the Tropics and unique Filipino culture.