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About covers anything about the Philippines. Such as its unique culture, people, foods, places of interest, tourist destinations, attractions, outsourcing and many others.

Hence, one of our goals is to promote each and every travel destination of the Philippine’s 7,107 islands so that this site could serve as a guide to the tourists and travelers, and also to educate the reading public about the great wonders and richness of the Philippine archipelago.

Moreover, it is our enormous desire to support Philippine tourism by giving fine quality, independent and trustworthy travel information for visitors – regarding the good, the bad and the indifferent, the secreted places and the tourist traps, where to find value and how to keep away from being ripped off. We hope that you take pleasure in this travel guide and turn out to be inspired to visit this extremely diverse, stunning and friendly country. is going to  provide you all this and much, much more. To truly feel part of the Philippines, it is advisable to embrace the culture and run with it. We are sure you will be glad you did.

My name is Loieto Sacapilo Tugas. I always have this fascination with my beautiful, complicated country. I definitely love researching trips and presenting travel guide, and I love the reactions and responses I get from the travelers I have helped.

I always try fresh and diverse ways of presenting this travel guide, and make finding that information easier and more pleasurable for all of us.

So whether you are a diver, a swimmer, a geographer, a mountaineer, a historian, a traveler or even a tourist, I am recommending my country and I am sure you will be able to take pleasure in every single day you spend here.

Since Philippines is an archipelago, my country has many wonderful beaches, seas, rivers, lakes which everyone can visit.  Likewise, it has plenty of volcanoes, mountains,  and caves that everyone can see and enjoy.